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Hybrid Digital/Analog high-end Pro Tools mixing

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Audio/Video Post Production and Sweetening

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Monument Sound Studio

A Colorado mixing, mastering, audio/video post-production studio

Monument Sound is a privately owned premier home recording, mixing, mastering, audio production and video post production studio located 40 mins South of downtown Denver off I-25 in Monument, Colorado. The studio houses a hybrid SSL Sigma and Pro Tools 12+ HDX system with amazing vintage, new and boutique equipment.  Monument Sound has all the resources covered to help make your project a great success. 

The studio is setup with three large tracking rooms as well as a comfortable and acoustically tuned Control Room. The studio vibe is amazing and has been designed to help in the creative process for our clients.  We take pride in sculpting our artists and making their studio experience something they are proud of.

Bring your next project to Monument Sound.

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I've worked with Chris Andrews and Monument Sounds on serveral projects and am always happy with the product. Great gear, Great guy, Great sounds! Use this guy for tracking, mixing or mastering services. You won't be dissapointed.

- Jeff Zacharski Music (Nashville)

We had a great time recording and mixing our album with Chris! He has a great ear for making songs sound full and complete. He always keeps an eye out for what other great engineers are doing in the industry and implements those techniques into his own style.

- Miguel Dakota "Love & Freedom"

Amazing professionalism; our project sounded superb when he got done with it! Songs sounded huge, quality was phenomenal, and in truth - Chris made us sound better than we ever thought we could! Definitely excited to go back for our next project!

- Asher (Hydrogen Skyline)

The sound speaks for itself! A true mix master and perfectionist at everything from acoustic/vocal ensembles to Japanese Death Metal :) Recording a song from scratch with Chris, Kevin (drums) and Kristie (piano) was honestly one of the most fun & positive studio experiences I've ever had! I highly recommend checking out www.monumentsound.com for your next recording or mixing project!

- Bobby Doran

Monument Sound is a must for any and all musicians and artists that desire the best in quality engineering, equipment, atmosphere and comfort... You simply will not find more attention to detail, Chris is amazing!!

- Buck25

It should be illegal to be this good. Chris is obsessed with detail in the best way possible. What initially sold me was the depth and space of his mixes. Unbelievable clarity. He's like a mad scientist, providing tweaks and enhancements like any great partner would. A pleasure to have him mix this record. And delivered well ahead of schedule.

- Jared J

Chris saved my bands record we gave him drums that where recorded very poorly by someone else. He turned them into gold very excited to work with him again in the future one day ! Super friendly smart experienced and understanding guy. The album sounds huge and in your face and it would have not been possible with out him great job monument sound !

- Too Many Humans

A few years ago, I was in a pinch on a project/album we were working on for a friend I also didn't have much time to complete it. I contacted Chris Andrews, we came to an agreement quickly and easily, and from the first conversation I had with him, I knew he would treat the project as if it were his own. Chris is a gem with his clients: very personable, a hard worker and his turnaround time is especially fast (understanding that my biggest complaint in general about mixing engineers is how incredibly slow they can be). He was a pleasure to work with, our client was more than happy, and he even made affordable suggestions for high quality mastering engineers at a reduced rate. I highly recommend Chris Andrews for your next audio project.  Sincerely,

-Ashton Allen CEO/Founder/Big Chief Rock Salt 

Chris was very professional. This was my first time on Soundbetter and his communication and response time made me feel comfortable using this platform. He has great ear for music and his mix was A+. I will use his services again. Thank you Chris!

- INAMtribe

Ronnie Eaton

Ronnie Eaton

Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Vault Mastering
Listen on iTunes
VideoGames 300

Video Games

Mastered by Chris Andrews
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Too Many Humans

Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Vault Mastering
Listen on iTunes

Hydrogen Skyline

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Andrews 
Listen on iTunes

John Miller

Mixed by Chris Andrews 
Listen on iTunes

Miguel Dakota

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Dominic Maita
Listen on iTunes


Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Chris Keffer
Listen on iTunes

Crimson Calamity

Produced and mixed by Jeff Zacharski, Mastered by Chris Andrews 
Listen on iTunes

Pamela Rose

Produced and mixed by Chris Andrews 
Listen on iTunes

From Slaves to Kings

Produced and Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Dan Shike

The Brock Gleeson Band

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Charlie Pilzer
Listen on iTunes

Jared Jones

Mixed by Chris Andrews Mastered by Nathan James
Listen to Jared Jones


Mixed by Chris Andrews

The Robby Wicks Band

Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Chris Andrews
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Produced and Mixed by Chris Andrews, Mastered by Chris Keffer
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Mixed by Chris Andrews

Olivia Rudeen


Jason Gray

Vocal engineer 

Bobby Doran

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Chris Andrews 

Alex Renbarger

Mastered by Chris Andrews

The Sonflowerz

Mixed by Chris Andrews
Listen on itunes

all capitals

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Chris Andrews 

Kaia Nutting

Mixed by Chris Andrews 
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Bird Noises

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Andrews 

Nick Hickman - Tailgate Dance Floor

Mastered by Chris Andrews, Produced and mixed by Jeff Zacharski
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Monument Sound is a BBB Accredited Music Publisher in Monument, CO