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I am an established Producer, Mix and Mastering engineer living in Monument, Colorado. Life is great out here and I get to work with artists and material from all over the world which is always exciting. I mix in a hybrid setup using analog and digital tools.  What can I say, I like gear. Some people tell me that I have a problem.



I’ve been into music and studio stuff since I was 14.  I remember recording with my good friend Chris Keffer of Magnetic North Studios in Cleveland. That was the spark that got me into recording I think.  He is a mentor of sorts, but I really have a few pals that I would call “mentors” to this business. After living in Washington DC from 2000 to 2007, I moved to take a job in Denver.  I had to close my first small home studio after 7 years of operation called “TBR Studio – The Basement Recording Studio.” Moving to Denver, I focused on my job and mixed records at night.  Later in 2007, my day job took me south to Monument, Colorado where I opened Monument Sound. This is my private home studio where I have been going strong since. It’s really a great location as the house sits at 7400 feet in elevation right next to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The studio has a vibe to get away and record, and you cannot beat the views with Pikes Peak close by – It’s pretty inspiring for artists.

What Type of material do you work on?

I have worked with most genres over the years.  I will say that I am a rock/pop/country guy so that material is always fun to work on. I am mainly mixing and mastering these days but do take on the occasional project to produce and engineer as well.  I also do a ton of post audio work with independent film producers around the area which I really enjoy.  



I enjoy working with artists to try and make the best product we can.  This is probably the goal of 9 out of 10 business owners’ I would hope.  Nothing new really in that regard, but I tend to be a bit OCD and always like to try new things to see what might work or sound good.  I think there is a lot of similar music out there right now and it is the goal of the producer/mixer to make sure the sound of the artist is represented and can be reproduced, but also try to make things different enough to have the listener wanting more.