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Artists: Free 

Monument Sound is deteremined to make your recording experience the best it can possibly be.  We offer a consultation service that is free to you that is designed to better prep you for what to expect when you enter the studio with us.  Over the past 12 years we have found that this has been a great preparation for over 90% of our clients who are new to recording in the studio. 

We can also aid with issues concerning:

  • Studio Preparation and Planning
  • Time Management
  • Pre-Production
  • Session Artists
  • Marketing (Social Media, Magazine, Websites)
  • CD Duplication Requirements


Studio Consultation:  $50.00 per hour

Are you in an environment that you feel is perfect but your mixes are just not translating well?  Let Monument Sound come in with some fresh ideas to help you out.  We have built 3 studios of our own with great success and helped with a handful of others around country.  Our goal is to better suggest and design spaces that will benefit your workflow and acoustics without breaking the bank.  A nice inviting studio space is a huge bonus in this business. 

Recording is tough, and the ever growing list of highend gear never seems to cease.  With proper suggestive guidance we can help you make decisions that will benefit you over the long haul and save you loads of money in the end.  NO studio is perfect, but looking at specifics that you are focusing on will help you become more successful. 
Some of the services offered are:

  • Equipment Consultation
  • Studio Setup
  • Patchbay Design
  • Monitor Placement
  • Room Design and Treatment
  • Mixing
  • Audio/Recording


Website Design: $50.00 per hour

Monument Sound offers website design for its clients as well.  We are a firm user of Joomla, but also can use Drupal and other Content Managed engines.  We designed the main studio site using Joomla and hope that we can help you build a functional site that will help grow your musical needs.  Below are some of the things we can provide:

1.  Web Hosting (by Blue Host)
2.  Content Managed Installation
3.  Joomla Template Design
4.  Monthly maintenance (fee based)
5.  Graphic Design and Photo Management


Monument Sound strives for perfection with all our clients.  We will travel to you and give our best expert knowledge on how you can create the perfect working environment for you and your clients.  Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a time or call the studio line:  719-375-5658