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WeTransfer logoUploading your files to Monument Sound is as easy as clicking the "UPLOAD NOW" link below.  
This will open a new browser window from WETRANSFER.  From there, you can attach your files (up to 2GB) and leave instructions for me in the comments field.  After I’ve received the files, you will get a WETRANSFER download confirmation email.  I will take an initial one pass listen to the song or session and then get in contact with you to share my initial thoughts about your project.  If I hear anything that I think would benefit the material, I will ask you to possibly make minor changes and resend the files. All of this is free of charge to you!  If we agree that you need to make some changes to your file, then no money is wasted and a better product can hopefully be delivered.  I’m a strong believer that mixing and mastering should add real value to my clients end product.  I will never just process a file without providing critical feedback on the material that was sent.

My goal is to make your material and experience amazing, and something that will make you come back for more!

Cannot wait to hear what I can do for you?
Upload session material using WETRANSFER by clicking the link to the right